• I had something professional.
  • I desired some static pages (the ones telling you about my business )
  • I also wanted blog webpages (the content )
  • I’m no expert in web design so I needed something fast and Easy
  • I didn’t want to pay much

So what exactly do you want to earn a site like this one?

  • You have to register a domain name (You hire a speech like www.jerelectrical.com from the entire year )
  • You should also pay for gridhost webmail (A pc somewhere where all your pages reside )
  • Some applications which lives on the server computer and actually operates your Site
  • (optional depending on your web host) A server to your emails accounts

The things I rejected

I had been advised to register the domain name (the address) and the hosting (the location where your site files are stored) separately. It is easy to employ another, that way should you fall out with your webhost. You reconfigure your domain to point and there is nothing the older host can do about it. Tons of cheap deals are just a deal for your year.

When I registered my limited company there was a cheap deal for a site package. Domain name, hosting, the whole lot! I thought”That is cheap. The catch is that it gets expensive. As they register your domain they also charge you a fee for leaving to go elsewhere in the event that you would like to take your domain name.

Another cheap alternative is to use hosting. This is fine, if you would like to play with websites for fun but I wanted something more polished. The catch :

  • You get a domain name like www.wordpress/jerelectrical.com
  • There are restrictions on the features you can use (less flexibility) and what you can do (such as your own adverts)

I also saw lots of very cheap deals which became more expensive after the initial year. This made comparing prices quite hard since the long-term price is hidden in small print.

So what can I select?

I registered my domain name with 123-reg. Com online recommendation. It cost #10/year. I resent this. My bank does not charge #5 to keep my bank details confidential. Why should a domain name registrar differ? For names end .uk or. Co.uk EU law causes this free to people.

For web hosting I studied lots and a lot of sites. There was cheap for a site.

  • 5 GB bandwidth (the data that your visitors download each month as they look at the pages)
  • The ability to sponsor your email for free (this uses up some of the 500MB)

This really is a really cheap package and only suits a little site but that is exactly what I desired. You can cover them more for storage and bandwidth if your website takes off. For software I select WordPress. It’s free, it is amazingly used and it suits blog posts.

Having made the above choices, here’s what you have to do next…

Pay for your name and hosting

First go to 123-reg. Com and enter domains until you find and matches your budget. If you’d like, Pick the solitude option. Purchase it.

Next go to tsohost.com and pay for a hosting package. When you register to get 10% reduction use the code jerelectrical.

code jerelectrical Tsohost

Setup your website

When you pay for the above emails your will get mails from every firm with log in details to your Control Panel. Reg and input the details which tsohost.com will send you to stage the address registered at 123. Reg into the server (in tsohost). The screen shot below shows the three lines you have to type to tell 123. Reg who your hosting is using. (Double click the images to enlarge)


Now you can close the 123. Reg control panel and use the connection on the tsohost email to log into the tsohost.com control panel. Type in your registered web address (for example jerelectrical.com). For operating system pick Linux unless you have a fantastic reason. Do not be concerned if you’ve never run Linux and have just used Windows. I have never used it either. It runs in the background and thus far I’ve developed my site.

As soon as you’ve created you site enter”Handle Website” and you’ll see many options as shown below.