I love that choker bracelets are the rage at the moment. It has been some time! Do you recall? No? Click here for a flood of memories, friend. Luckily, the latest creation of chokers are dainty, trendy, and feminine. I wanted to discuss a trick with you to have double the wear to flip your choker necklace into a bracelet, since you’re probably adding a choker or two to your collection this summer. And it’s so simple. Just wrap the choker around your wrist (for me, it loops round my wrist twice) and secure the grip. This suggestion was shared by me on Instagram Stories that a few days ago, and I saw some of your g + h chokers turning to double choker necklace on social networking. I’ve shared the movie below, if you missed it. Follow me on Instagram @graceandhudson for styling hints. (p.s. please don’t hesitate to send me jewellery selfies or label me in your posts! I repost them on Instagram Stories all the time.)


This trick should work with choker necklaces that Include extenders (that little length of string in the end of a necklace which allows you to secure the clasp at differing lengths). All elegance + hudson chokers and necklaces include extenders for the fit, when wearing necklaces, and also to aid you in achieving the ideal layered appearance. You should certainly pop around to graceandhudson.com and check out the Callie Choker (shown in the movie ) and the Nina Choker (pictured above). Or you could just click here to see them both. These two chokers look stunning as bracelets.


Want to up-level your jewelry style? Layer your Choker necklaces with dainty necklaces, and your choker bracelets (I’m coining the term, thank you!) With chunkier bracelets. I recommend piling in bunches of 3, on your wrist or if in your neck.


Cheers to getting double the wear from a single bit of Jewellery!


Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I’ve always been leary of all “fashion principles .” Fashion is meant to provide a place for freedom of imagination and expression and to be enjoyable. There are no hard rules to layering jewellery – discount! Since I obsess over heaps of jewelry styles, magazines and fashion sites, I do, obviously, have an opinion. Here are some tips to create the popular layered bracelets look:


Keep it delicate:


The look definitely celebrates delicate bracelets. Two or three create the effortless look.


Great to wear everyday with your special pieces that are favourite.


Layer by length:


Select three length necklaces. That way, each Necklace sets neatly and you’re able to appreciate the detail of each one (note: a lot of necklaces have extendors making this super easy). Layering a 14″ (choker), a 16″ and a 18″ or 20″ is ideal.


The are Not as Likely to tangle when they are sitting at Difference lengths.


(TIP: follow the look of more delicate bracelets on the top And chunkier at the floor.)


Mix your shapes up:


Geometrics are all the rage – triangles Circles, protects. It is attractive to have different shapes on each layer. It makes every one stand out. Bars are fantastic for this appearance!


An announcement choker:


Insert a little edge to your look with a statement choker & Layer delicate bracelets underneath (a black suede choker or a coin choker are certain to stand out).


Bandanas are a fun and effortless way to achieve this appearance – Especially at a music festival! (Watch Gigi Hadid’s look below)


Work your neckline


By layering, really make your jewelry part of your outfit Them with your neckline. When it is low wear long necklaces – it is sexy and subtle. (Lariats are perfect for this appearance also ). (In case your neckline is large you can layer up on chokers!)


Layer on chokers


Stack them on top of each other. Fantastic for high necklines Or off the shoulder tops! A good deal of individuals believe you can just wear one! Chokers Are fun to layer because nearly all of them come with an extender which allows you to Correct the length.